Ban katanta as in the management of RA doctors routinely use the Disease Activity Score (DAS) to show whether there are signs of reduced or stopped disease activity. The DAS28 assessment calculator used in the app shows how well RA is controlled and indicates the level of discomfort that the patient is experiencing. This information helps physicians make treatment adjustments or changes, ensuring patients receive optimal therapy.

The app includes key features such as a health diary that allows patients to record pain, fatigue or swelling. It further offers video guides and gives users the option to take notes on medication or exercise that will allow long-term tracking of the user’s well-being. Since its launch in the UK, the app has been downloaded over 1,000 times and has been well received by both patients (users) and health care practitioners. The app is available for UK users on and .

France: Disease information portal becomes platform for largest online community for people with RA

In 2009, Roche France recognised the need for an information portal offering clear, easy to understand and impartial advice to help educate people affected by RA about factors related to life with the disease – for example, diet and exercise, links to other patient support groups or people also living with the disease, or advice on practical issues such as managing RA when planning a holiday. The blog was launched later that year, and has since become the largest online RA patient community in France with more than 18,000 followers on the related .

With new content posted several times a week, the blog focuses on providing advice on general well-being, updates on medical news and features interviews with health professionals or patient testimonials. What sports or physical activity are possible when I have RA? How can I prevent other risks? Why can accepting help be a relief? These questions are among the topics addressed in the blog and provide patients with supportive insights beyond ‘traditional’ disease information. The blog is also a platform where patients can read about the personal experiences of others who suffer from RA. Patient stories and disease management recommendations are amongst the most popular posts and show the value of a virtual community for people with RA.

Denmark: Online ‘RA Portal’ is country's most comprehensive information platform for patients and caregivers

Ban katantaPeople with RA are affected by the disease in many more ways than just in physical terms. In Denmark, the Roche team noticed that there was a serious lack of RA-specific information for patients and caregivers and decided to launch an information and resource website.

In collaboration with healthcare practitioners and patient advocacy groups, Roche Denmark developed (‘RA portal’), a website that contains educational materials, patient testimonials and unbiased information on treatment options. With over 400 pages, this comprehensive site helps readers to gain insights into what it means to live with RA, not only for patients, but for the partners, relatives and friends of those affected. It also addresses personal situations that may raise doubts for people with RA, such as employment or starting a family. This portal has become a ‘one-stop-shop’ and one of the most comprehensive RA websites in Denmark.



1. National Audit Office. Services for people with rheumatoid arthritis. Available at: . Last accessed: September 2016.

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