Ban katanta , the national patient organisation for RA, Roche Spain works together with national artists Aitor Saraiba, Ricardo Cavolo and Carla Fuentes on the campaign AnimART to encourage improved communication between RA patients and doctors to ensure early diagnosis and optimal treatment. The three artists captured what living with the disease means to people with RA in a total of 15 illustrations. The illustrations tell the story of this chronic disease and aim to explain the the burden of RA.

Ban katantaWatch the video (with English CC subtitles) to learn more about this initiative:

Although over 224,000 people suffering from RA in Spain, there are still many misunderstandings that exist around the true impact that this disease has on their lives. The objective of AnimART is to increase awareness and clear up confusion around RA among the general public. Further, the campaign, endorsed  by the Sociedad Española Reumatología (National RA Society of Spain), empowers people suffering from RA to take an active role in the management of their disease.

This project has allowed me to truly understand what this disease means to those who suffer from it. I hope that my drawings will help generate a better understanding and greater appreciation around patient needs for those who are not familiar with RA.
Aitor Saraiba, artist of the AnimART campaign

Ban katantaAlong with a video featuring comments from the artists and an information brochure for patients, the illustrations are exhibited on the .  

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