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Living with Progressive MS: Jeanne's Story

Jeanne shares her perspective on life with PPMS and the adaptions she has embraced to maintain her independence.

Living with Progressive MS: Jennifer's Story

Jennifer shares her perspective on life with PPMS and how gives back to the MS community.

A day dedicated to Progressive MS

Progressive MS Day on March 28 was created to show support, offer education, and call for more research to advance care and reduce disability for those with the most debilitating forms of MS.


Maintaining independence with progressive MS

Understanding disability progression and the importance of supporting people to live their best lives.

Progress through Research


Delaying disease progression

Ban katantaLearn how the two types of inflammation in MS contributes to disease progression and how it can impact a person’s life.


Protecting the house in MS

Learn about underlying disease activity and ways to reduce future irreversible disability


MS: Battle B-neath the surface

Learn how B cells in the immune system turn against the central nervous system in MS


MS: Trouble with the social network

Ban katantaLearn how the central nervous system malfunctions in MS

gather MS: Our commitment to the MS community

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