Explore the role of a specialist MS nurse

Published 10 October 2018, updated 23 September 2020

Specialist MS nurses, like Ana, offer vital support for people living with multiple sclerosis (MS), and are usually a key point of contact as they, and their loved ones, manage their disease.

Ban katantaFor many people living with this progressive disease, they need a regular and ongoing source of professional support and disease education, in order to help them to better understand their MS.

Similarly, at diagnosis, MS nurses provide the personal support needed, taking the time to build strong relationships with their patients and their families, all the while being qualified to offer up-to-date medical information to help navigate a life changing diagnosis and explore hope for the future.1

Their role is critical as appointments with nurses tend to be more frequent providing the support needed in between visits to the neurologist.2

Ban katantaLearn from Ana, a dedicated specialist MS nurse, about the many ways MS nurse teams can – and are already – supporting the MS community.

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