Imagine how it would feel to be researching new treatments for devastating diseases, with the latest technologies at your fingertips and working alongside leading experts in drug discovery. This is every day for a pRED scientist.

We are now at a critical point in science where clinical research is informing pre-clinical research, and disease biology is on the verge of advances never seen before. Coupled with digital technologies that are changing the pace of innovation, pRED provides an environment where inventive minds can flourish.

Meet some of our scientists working in Oncology

Ban katantaMeet Christian Rommel, Head of pRED Oncology

Hear from some of our Oncology team

Meet our Oncology External Innovation team

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Meet our Molecular Targeted Therapy Team

Hear from our Early Clinical Development Oncology team

Meet some of our scientists working in Neuroscience and Rare Diseases

Meet our scientists working in Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Ophthalmology

Ban katantaMeet Sascha Fauser, Global Head of Ophthalmology, Roche pRED

Meet Gijs van den Brink, Global Head of Immunology, Infectious Diseases and Ophthalmology

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