Partnering with Suppliers and Service Providers

If you are active in society you need to be able to contribute to the state of communities in which you are working, to make a commitment which goes over and above the customer, and the patient in our case”
Andre Hoffman speaking on ‘The Power of Purpose’ in business

Roche works with suppliers and service providers to create, enhance and maintain sustainable value

Working with suppliers to create sustainable value

To continually improve the standard of care, Roche devotes significant resources to innovation. Suppliers are vital to innovation. Marielle Beyer, the Head of Roche Global Procurement, explains our expectations on suppliers to take sustainability and compliance as seriously as we do.


Ban katantaSustainability is a core part of our ethos and we are committed to operating in ways that enhance society and the environment. This commitment extends to the behavior of our suppliers and service providers. Roche Procurement supports the Roche mission, Doing Now What Patients Need Next, by partnering with our suppliers to achieve sustainability.

Access For our Suppliers & Service Providers

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