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Enabling sustainable healthcare funding

We have developed a number of pricing solutions, such as Personalised Reimbursement Models (PRM), which enable pricing according to the value the medicine brings in different indications, and International Differential Pricing, which sets the price of a medicine according to a country’s economic situation. One example of how this hurdle has been overcome is Roche’s collaboration with private insurance companies in countries where public coverage may not be adequate. PRM Story

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Quality healthcare for the most vulnerable

Roche has initiated the world's largest infant HIV testing programme featuring a dried blood sampling diagnostic technique. This overcomes challenges in countries with the greatest disease burden and the least resources. Partnering to combat HIV infections in children with organisations such as UNAIDS and the Clinton Health Access Initiative, we bring quality healthcare to the most vulnerable. Over seven million infants have been tested for HIV, thus giving many more children the chance to live a healthy life. Know more about this programme

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